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South East Fibre Exports Pty Ltd
“Taking Eden's forests to the world”  

Australia's oldest and most notorious exporter of native forest hardwood chips

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Check our live maritime traffic monitor to see if there is a ship in port. If you can see one, it means we have managed to unload a few woodchips to an unsuspecting customer who doesn't care too much about quality but does want their woodchips cheap
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Our Mission Statement

South East Forest Exports is committed to turning the forests of Eden into the world’s cheapest woodchips.
Before the advent of woodchipping by SEFE in 1970, the forests of Eden and East Gippsland were untidy and unproductive, infested with wild animals and nuisance species such as gliders, koalas, potoroos, quolls, bandicoots, tree ferns and native orchids.
We are proud of our progress towards meeting our goal to have no mature forest left standing in the region, with uniform aged, single species vigorous regrowth replacing old useless forest.

SEFE has failed in two major biomass projects, a wood fired power station and a pellet plant. Will the whole chipmill will soon be next?

   South East Fibre Exports is a subsidiary of Nippon Paper Industries

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